Avant Aerospace provides full “Radome to Rudder” parts support and equipment for all of the Dassault Falcon Jet Models. With our Customer Repair Program, you are able to take advantage of our experience and volume-based relationships with our repair vendors. In addition, all of our parts and equipment are repaired only by the OEM’s or their Authorized Repair Agents, ensuring top quality and maximum reliability.

Our Customer Repair Program offers:

Overhaul Services

When time does not permit you to source repairs, Avant is here to help! We can manage your repair requirements using our vendor network, which is comprised only of the OEM or their Authorized Repair Agents. We will provide you with cost savings, exchange at cost of repair, and our vendor expertise.

TAT Protection

If your overhaul takes too long, you have the option to change the transaction to an exchange transaction.

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